Glass is a particularly unpredictable fabrication material, compared to metal or wood, ceramic or plastic. During our nineteen-year history we’ve designed and built a workshop to optimally meet the challenges of working with glass—of many types—whether at room temperature or 1400 degrees.

At the beginning of every project, whether a design is represented by a rough sketch or by digital images and 3-D models we research, plan, experiment, prototype, and test –and sometimes, start over– in order to optimize each step in the fabrication approach.


We have developed several different mold making systems, including the use of specialty rubber and waxes to render the finest detail; proprietary investment formulae to provide the best surfaces; and custom-derived adhesion methods to lend structural stability and expand application possibilities.


Our kilns are built to spec—each was designed to handle a particular type of form; some are used for multiple simultaneous casts; one will accommodate large-scale and complex forms. The computer-controlled kilns were designed to perform the demanding, precise annealing programs necessary to relieve the strain in the glass, created as the material transforms from a liquid to a solid.


We use the highest quality materials available, and expertly navigate among the choices—including pure lead crystal Schott glass, and Gaffer casting crystal from New Zealand—to arrive at the desired color, surface character and translucence.


Over the years we’ve developed a consummate cold-working shop. Diamond saws, wet grinders, drill presses and specialty hand tools, sandblasters, a reciprolap, and an acid bath room make for an excellent finishing facility.


Ross Art Studio occupies 4000 sq ft. in a renovated, quarter-mile-long artist/industrial building in the Hyde Park section of Boston. The eighteen-year history of the studio is a case study in steady growth and expanding capabilities.


As devoted as we are to the tools and technology that enable us to produce beautiful work, we know that our success depends on the people involved in each project. From our interns, to the seasoned studio crew, to the designers, engineers, and craftspeople who make up our network of expert advisors and contractors—it’s human talent, passion, and experience that makes RAS an incomparable destination for the design and creation of custom glass work.




65 Sprague St. East,  Hyde Park,  MA,  02136