We worked for two years with Andy Yoder to create his larger-than-life 2007 piece, "Donald, Martha, Sam" which is now part of the Saatchi collection. It consists of three 24” x 15” x 17” lead crystal portrait busts, each in the form of a piggy bank. The "Sam" piece might not be immediately recognizable to many as Sam Walton, but the sharp features and signature hairdo of Martha Stuart are obvious. And of course the oversized orange bust resonates today in a way that few who saw the originally installed work a decade ago could have imagined.


For "Man Cave", a 2009 show at Winkleman Gallery in NY, we cast four lead crystal hubcaps. The lead crystal "Comic and Tragic Pretzels" are each 7” x 8” x 1” and, otherwise, speak for themselves.



65 Sprague St. East,  Hyde Park,  MA,  02136