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As fabricators, we take the same approach with our architectural clients as we do with artists. While context and functionality differ dramatically, our focus on the desires and visions of the client and our obsession with detail remain paramount. Our work represents the highest end in custom glass fabrication.

Working with glass, especially hot glass, is much more unpredictable than working with metal, wood, or other materials. Commercial glass fabricators mitigate the variables by using mechanized processes—machine fusing vs. kiln casting, for example. Those processes limit the types of raw materials that can be used, resulting in a typical, plate-glass-type end product, with fixed color, textural, and translucence characteristics. At RAS we embrace the unpredictability of the available materials and have learned to leverage the variables with hands-on techniques that produce spectacular, one-of-a-kind results.


In early 2016, Ross Art Studios fabricated and installed eight cast glass panels in a bronze framed entry door to a Newbury Street, Boston condo.



This monumental stained glass window was designed in a collaboration between Kiki Smith and architect Deborah Gans. It was fabricated by the Gil Studio of Brooklyn NY. The centerpiece of the window is a large cast glass star that was designed by Deborah Gans and fabricated by Ross Art Studio.

• New York Times - Video: A New East Window on Eldridge Street

star_Tom-Garcia1 Eldridge-street-star-cast-window-3